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Information on this page is intended for research use only. Not all applications and/or claims listed are currently cleared for use in treatment of patients. TRAQinform IQ software has been cleared by the FDA for clinical use under 510(k) K173444.

Every person is different. Every disease is different. Every lesion is different.

AIQ has solutions

With the AIQ collaborative workflow, the steps are customizable to meet the specific requirements for clinical studies.

Benefit 04—

Analysis of Tracer Bio Distribution Patterns

Spatiotemporal analysis reveals heterogeneity in the signal range between different patients and between different regions of interest within the same patient.

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Bio distribution of  AT-01 in a representative healthy subject (A) and patient with systemic AL amyloidosis (B). Maximum intensity projection and coronal views in (A) show physiologic uptake was observed in the parotid, salivary and thyroid glands, as well as saliva, stomach lumen, urine in ureters, and bladder. No myocardial uptake was observed. Click to view full poster

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AIQ Collaboration

AIQ's collaboration consist of a workflow that is simple and easy to implement with no interruptions. We pride ourselves on building a partnership that up holds our company's values and value proposition. These workflows work whether you are running a single or multi-site study. We also partner with CROs to acquire imaging data.
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